• 1873

    In 1873, the Supreme Court ruled that bounty hunters were a part of the U.S. law enforcement system with a decision in Taylor

    When the bail is given, the principal is regarded as delivered to the custody of his sureties. Their domain is a continuance of the original imprisonment. Whenever they choose to do so, they may seize him and deliver him up to his discharge; and if it cannot be done at once, they may imprison him until it can be done. They may exercise their rights in person or by agent. They may pursue him into another state; may arrest him on the Sabbath; and if necessary, may break and enter his house for that purpose. The seizure is not made by virtue of due process. None is needed. It is likened to the arrest by the sheriff of an escaped prisoner.

  • 2014

    Houston Texas ( The Beginning )

    Terrance Sanders Founded Division 6 FIU in Harris County Texas, in the first year of operation the agency closed over 400 cases.

  • 2016

    Begin Operations in Dallas Texas

    Houston FIU began to receives cases from surroundings county's and Dallas Texas We realized our footprint had expanded to Dallas closing 200 cases.

  • 2017

    Loss Prevention Department

    By this time we were a well known name within the recovery industry. We had been prominent members of the industry for more than 3 years and worked for some of the biggest Bail Bonds in the industry. As a experts in recovery we began to work inside out, we rolled out our Loss Prevention Program

  • 2018


    The FIU has expanded its foot print to Louisianan and appointed its first Regional Deputy Director

  • 2018

    Nation Wide FIU

    Division 6 FIU Plans to open an Office in every state where the law pemits fugitive recovery.

Bass Reeves

(July 1838 – 12 January 1910) was the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. He worked mostly in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. During his long career, he was credited with arresting more than 3,000 felons. He shot and killed 14 outlaws in self-defense.

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